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Where To From Here by André M. Slade & Katarína Križáni

In 2009 André started writing down his feelings about the life he was living. A failed relationship and marriage had hurt him to the extent that he was done with them. Living on the East coast of Africa, where he was far enough away from the city and its possibilities gave him time for introspection. He became obsessed with putting in his penny’s worth of advice from his perspective. He soon came to realize that his perspective was unique and that he was receiving guidance on his Odyssey. He realized that his answers lay in knowing where we came from, that way he would be able to see where we were going. It took him on the most amazing journey into history to where he found himself. But there was more. On his way he cracked the Tesla 369 code and started blogging while completing the second edition of the book. The code triggered am immaculate conception which is still growing. The conception awakened his true spirit which in turn awakened his equal opposite. Katarina spontaneously booked a one way ticket to Africa to meet up with her Prince of Peace of whom she had always dreamt. Together, their journey as the new Royal couple is unfolding. The start of the New Kingdom. This incredible read is bound to make your stomach bitter but your lips sweet. It is the book of Revelation 10 superlatively written and verified as correct and true.
Where to from Here By Us
The BOOK of King Ea and Queen Inanna
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