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Where to from Here By Us
Born in Pretoria, South Africa on 06 June1962. At five I moved to South West Africa (Namibia) with my parents. My childhood was rich in learning, and I grew up as a happy and free soul that I still am today. After matriculating from the Technical High School in Windhoek I did two years compulsory National Service and finished as an instructor corporal. I moved back to SA in 1984, studied some and started my own business in manufacture. In 2007 I retired from the corporate world to the Elephant Coast to set up a guest house where I have found solace. I started writing Where to from here in July 2009 and published the first edition two years later. As I got drawn deeper into the subject I had chosen, my connection to humanity became stronger. The realization of who I was became clearer and more scary as I stepped closer towards finding my connection to the Bible and specifically to Revelation. At first I thought of it as coincidence but the evidence just became stronger and clearer. I knew the book offended people to the extent that they could not get past the first chapter, but it was closest to the truth so I carried on digging and writing regardless. By the time Katie arrived, I was convinced about who I am and asked her to disprove my perception from any angle she possibly could. It was quite incredible to see her so attached to the Bible. Being a certified genius of logics (Genius logicus), she made sense of most of what I had to say in no time and I suppose never having been exposed to religion was a definite advantage.   The third and final edition Where to from Here, Cognition is now available from all suppliers, but We prefer you order it from Xlibris Bookstore.  
The BOOK of King Ea and Queen Inanna
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