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Where to from Here By Us
WHERE TO FROM HERE I started actively blogging when I figured out the Tesla 369 riddle. The enthusiasm and passion I felt at the time was incredibly overwhelming to say the least. It was as if the window opened for the first time and understanding came in and has not stopped till this very day. I was writing profusely as all the information from the book suddenly made so much more sense than it already did. Things that became clear now seem so blatantly obvious. Many people with similar revelations have walked away from it but my passion for humanity has the better of me. Since conception of Tesla’s code I have redefined the planetary precession that in turn explained the Bible and changes the way we will eventually see religion. ON BEHALF OF HUMANITY Once I had realized that the magnitude of my insight was too large for most to comprehend, in desperation I started legal proceedings against the Pope for crimes against Humanity. The advocates laughed at me I am sure, as I would have at anyone who told me that 3 years prior. Then I met Kevin Annet from ITCCS and the need for the suit faded as it was taken care of to the best of a good man’s ability. I only had one step left and that is where I find myself right now.  
The BOOK of King Ea and Queen Inanna
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