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Chapter 1: The Age of Now There are so many opinions, laws and rules that the human “race” lives by without question. Chapter 1 displays frustration towards this strange human trait of not looking at the root of all evil and simply relying on the way it is, with an “I cannot do anything about it anyway” attitude.  
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Chapter 4: Archaeoastronomy  In the third edition, this chapter deals with the combination of disciplines and their disputes. This is the first time that  this approach has been taken to find answers that finally make sense. This chapter is bound to shake you up a bit.
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Chapter 3: Archaeology Here is some unique proof that the Earth has been through many cycles and that humanity has survived mass destructions that have occurred since the beginning of time. This disproves evolution.
Chapter 2: Scientific Fakt To construct a clear mental picture of the Homo sapiens, the author takes a look at what makes the human being unique compared to all other species from a DNA point of view.  
Chapter 5: U-Manity The authors explain how the human kind came to be in detail according to Genesis and original creation. They also also explain where the main problem lies  in full detail, pointing out in history all the incorrect decisions.  
Chapter 6: The Book of Wisdom The first time ever! A full explanation of the Bible. He reveals mind blowing information never before seen. The lions roar. Call them racist; but fact is fact by GOD’s word.
Chapter 7: Body, Mind and Spirit There is lots of money to be made from sick people. Exposure of evil Medical industry. As so-called healers, it is quite amazing that in this age of information they are leading humanity with greed, addressing symptoms rather than the root of cause, pulling humanity into a spiral of control.
Chapter 8: Reset The journey to recovery from the haunts of modern society. The exit from the corporate illusion and bullshit. Breaking free from the enslavement of chemicals, GMOs, acid and illness.
Chapter 9: Destiny He spills the beans about who they are.
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The BOOK of King Ea and Queen Inanna
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