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The new Planetary Precession description.  The Tesla 369 code confirmed the theory with regard to the planetary precession. Heliocentrism is primitive and incomplete in its description.  Earth does not revolve around the Sun in one year.  She revolves with the Sun but slower, taking 25920 to complete one orbit. This is known as a Great Year. The problem is that Astronomers are not taking the rotation of the Sun’s magnetism into account. If we did orbit the Sun as believed, we would see the back of it six months of the year and not almost the same sky every night. That means that we are turning with the Sun but spinning in the opposite direction in our primary  orbit as is almost everything else in our solar system. The equatorial velocity is 90 degrees east at midday. His axis rotation being opposite to ours creates the illusion of moving around Him fast. We share significant components like Metal and a physical reason for our set magnetic orbit. Earth however is tumbling around Her original (primary) orbit. I call this orbit our secondary orbit and it was the result of a comet strike 5200 years ago. The resulting ellipse has a radius of 2.5 million kilometres giving us solstice and equinox. The sun’s equatorial plane is where the north and south magnetic fields meet. It is a point of great value to Mother Earth. She has a trajectory of 8 degrees as opposed to this joint line and crosses it every 12960 years as we are about to now again. At present, Mother Earth winds around her original trajectory path in a spiral toward and away from the Sun. This results in her slowly sticking her north pole into the opposite field. There is no saying how deep we are into the field during Decembers but at a certain point we will be pulled through as our magnetic orientation flips. In a conversation with a geologist I was told that the theory will stick if I could reduce the amount of time spent in one half orbit from 12960 to around 11 000 - 10 000 years. Yes, a valid statement and it did come up many times in my research. I realized where the problem lay. The impact of the comet increased our rotational speed from around 290 (according to a study) to 365.25.  Carbon dating is basically the measurement of the reduction of carbon 14 over a period of time*. This is a  fairly accurate process used to determine age. The time it takes earth to travel in her orbit from the beginning of Leo to the end of Pisces for instance, is a constant that is set by our primary orbit. What earth does in revolutions has nothing to do with the distance she travels in space, so the exposure to the  elements is also a constant. The percentage of increase in revolutions is 20.6%.  That gives an original period of 5145 years. I will call this carbon years or CY so bear them in mind as I mostly refer to actual years. That means, since the comet, it changed to 6480 years but the environmental exposure period has not changed as the distance travelled in orbit is still the same. Effectively, we have been working in two different time scales.
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